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The Chemistry Society

Chemistry is a central science. It lays the foundation for understanding every phenomenon in the universe. The Chemistry Society is a technical club under the Department of Chemistry. We wish to bring all chemistry enthusiasts under a single roof to satisfy their curiosity, share their knowledge and get a new perspective of the subject. Just like the subject itself, we hope to be a versatile group that deals in revealing complex concepts in an enjoyable manner.


The society endeavors to :

  • Share science in innovative ways.
  • Organize regular scientific talks from students, faculty and noteworthy scientists from all over the world.
  • Provide a platform for healthy scientific discussions and debates.
  • Arrange educational excursions to industries, labs, and research facilities to help students develop a deeper understanding and experience the real-life applications of the subject.
  • Help in career development by organizing career talks and workshops.
  • Give an opportunity to present the research ideas of its members during intra-society talks.
  • Organize an annual science fair to celebrate science, which includes an opportunity to exhibit scientific models, demonstrate interesting experiments and hence share wisdom thereby bringing together different age groups (students, faculties, and families) to taste the essence of various interesting scientific phenomenon.

Membership Structure

  • Membership to this society will be open to undergraduate and post-graduate students of all streams enrolled with Shiv Nadar University.
  • There shall be no membership fee required to be a part of the society.
  • Permanent membership shall be provided to all undergraduates majoring in chemistry directly (for as long as chemistry remains their major)
  • For membership to students outside a B.Sc chemistry major, there shall be a separate selection process.

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Meet The Team

Faculty Advisor
Malavika Ramkumar
Class of 2022
Gunjan Gupta
Associate secretary 1
Class of 2022
Aniket Mishra
Associate secretary 2
Class of 2022
Harshita Shokeen
Freshman Coordinator
Class of 2024
Eshwar Vanama
Class of 2022
Madhav Samanta
Outgoing Secretary, 2020-2021
Class of 2022
Founding Secretary, 2019-2020
Class of 2020
Sneha V.
Founding Associate secretary, 2019-2020
Class of 2020
Simran Arora
Founding Treasurer, 2019-2020
Class of 2020