Chemistry of Colour and Art | Department of Chemistry

Chemistry of Colour and Art

This inter-disciplinary course will introduce students to the basic principles of optics, colour theory and the chemical principles behind the colours of gemstones, pigments and nanomaterials. Absorption, scattering and emission of light, changes associated with chemical reactions, thermal radiation, colour vision, colours of bulk materials and at the nanoscale will be discussed and demonstrated. Topics covered include spectroscopy, art forensics, colour theory in art, colour spaces, colour in culture, introduction to photography, drawing and painting. Students will also explore how artists through the ages have used and exploited colour, and will have the opportunity to discover for themselves the fundamentals of colour photography, painting and art. Lab and studio sessions will be conducted during alternate weeks. Field trips to natural locations, art galleries and museums will be included to provide opportunities for creating individual works of art.


Additional reading assignments will be given from multiple sources.

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