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Animesh Nayak
Dr. Animesh
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry
School of Natural Sciences (SNS)
Shiv Nadar University
Educational Qualifications 
University of Pennsylvania
IIT Bombay
University of Calcutta (Bagnan College)
Work Experience 
Assistant Professor,
Department of Chemistry, School of Natural Sciences, Shiv Nadar University, Delhi-NCR
Research Scientist,
Duke University
Research Associate,
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Postdoctoral Associate,
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Teaching & Research Interests: 

Research interests in our group focus on artificial photosynthesis using chemical assemblies. The world needs to find ways to utilize sustainable energy sources rather than the present sources which heavily depend on fossil fuels and are major contributor for global CO2 emission. One of the viable strategies is production of solar fuels, in which chemical fuels are generated from H2O, CO2 and sunlight through photoelectrochemical reactions. This strategy stores energy in chemical bonds of fuel molecules which can be used and transported with current established infrastructure. Mother nature already developed this energy conversion scheme in green plants and other organism through the process of photosynthesis where H2O is oxidized, and CO2 is reduced to form carbohydrates that can be burned later for plant respiration. However, so far systems for artificial photosynthesis show low light-to-chemical efficiencies due to poor light absorption, inefficient electron transfers, slow catalysis rate and poor stability of systems under operating conditions. Our research addresses all these challenges and explore new systems to build high efficiency photoelectrochemical systems. Specifically, an emphasis will be given on understanding the electrochemical and photophysical processes happening at different components of the total scheme of artificial photosynthesis. The students in our lab will gain experience in organic and inorganic synthesis, purification techniques, materials chemistry, catalysis, electrochemistry and spectroscopy.

Scholarly Activity

Journal Publications (accepted or published)


Excitation energy-dependent photocurrent switching in a single-molecule photodiode Bing Shan, Animesh Nayak, Olivia F Williams, Dillon C Yost, Nicholas F Polizzi, Yanming Liu, Ninghao Zhou, Yosuke Kanai, Andrew M Moran, Michael J Therien, Thomas J Meyer Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences U. S. A. 2019, 116, 16198-16203


Direct photoactivation of a nickel-based, water-reduction photocathode by a highly conjugated supramolecular chromophore Bing Shan, Animesh Nayak, Renato N Sampaio, Michael S Eberhart, Ludovic Troian-Gautier, M Kyle Brennaman, Gerald J Meyer, Thomas J Meyer Energy & Environmental Science 2018, 11, 447-455


Large hyperpolarizabilities at telecommunication-relevant wavelengths in donor–acceptor–donor nonlinear optical chromophores Animesh Nayak, Jaehong Park, Kurt De Mey, Xiangqian Hu, Timothy V Duncan, David N Beratan, Koen Clays, Michael J Therien ACS central science 2016, 2, 954-966


Phosphonate-derivatized porphyrins for photoelectrochemical applications Animesh Nayak, Subhangi Roy, Benjamin D Sherman, Leila Alibabaei, Alexander M Lapides, M Kyle Brennaman, Kyung-Ryang Wee, Thomas J Meyer ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 2016, 8, 3853-3860


Synthesis and photophysical characterization of porphyrin and porphyrin–Ru (II) polypyridyl chromophore–catalyst assemblies on mesoporous metal oxides Animesh Nayak, Robin R Knauf, Kenneth Hanson, Leila Alibabaei, Javier J Concepcion, Dennis L Ashford, Jillian L Dempsey, Thomas J Meyer Chemical Science 2014, 5, 3115-3119