Dr. Biswajit Guchhait | Department of Chemistry


Dr. Biswajit
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry
School of Natural Sciences (SNS)
A227D, Shiv Nadar University
Gautam Buddha Nagar Uttar Pradesh
Profile Summary 

My research interest centers on setting up modern femtosecond spectroscopic techniques and use them to investigate ultrafast structural dynamics and interactions in bio(molecular) systems. We have explored heterogeneity, picosecond dynamics and viscosity-decoupling in deep eutectic solvents (a new class of designer solvents) and other complex media using ultrafast fluorescence spectroscopy. In recent years, I designed and built ultrafast 2-dimensional infrared (2DIR) spectrometer (an optical analog to 2D NMR having femtosecond resolution), terahertz time-domain (THz-TDS) spectrometer and Sum Frequency Generation (SFG) spectrometer to study structure and dynamics of DNA, lipid and ionic liquids. We have investigated the role of electric field interaction at bio-interface by studying the fluctuating electric field at the surface of native DNA using ultrafast 2DIR spectroscopy. We have also studied the sensitivity of biomolecular vibrations to electric filed exerted by hydration environment and role of Coulomb coupling and anharmonic coupling.

Ph.D. positions available: Highly motivated students who are interested in pursuing PhD on 'ultrafast laser spectroscopy and chemical dynamics' are encouraged to apply online (as soon as possible) through the university link https://applications.snu.edu.in/OnlineAppPG/public/application/register/index

Candidates must have an excellent MSc in Chemistry (physical, organic, or inorganic) or Physics. NET/GATE qualification is a plus but not mandatory. Students will receive a great stipend per month and hostel accommodation will be provided.

Educational Qualifications 
S. N. Bose National Center, Kolkata
Vidyasagar University, West Bengal, India
Vidyasagar University, West Bengal, India
Work Experience 
Postdoctoral Research Fellow,
Max-Born-Institute for Nonlinear Optics and Short Pulse Spectroscopy,
Berlin, Germany
Postdoctoral Research Fellow,
Colorado State University,
Fort Collins, USA
Postdoctoral Research Fellow,
Ruhr University Bochum,
Bochum, Germany
Teaching & Research Interests: 

Present Research Topics:

(i) Ultrafast electron transfer and proton transfer dynamics in complex confined environments using femtosecond and picosecond resolved fluorescence spectroscopy.

(ii) Effect of solvation on chemical reaction dynamics in confined ionic liquid environments using ultrafast fluorescence spectroscopy.

The main objectives of these research are to understand the molecular level properties of various confined environments of ionic liquids by studying photoinduced electron and proton transfer and Förster resonance energy transfer (FRET) processes. How the different local regions and local properties of the confined media influence the kinetics of various rate processes.

(iii) Understanding complex biomolecular processes (protein misfolding and inhibition mechanism of protein aggregation) using 2DIR (2-dimensional infrared) spectroscopic techniques. How solute-solvent interactions discern biological structure and dynamics and understanding key aspects of protein biophysics.

Teaching Area:

Advanced Molecular Spectroscopy, Quantum Mechanics and Applications of Group Theory


Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering, GATE (all India rank 2nd in Chemistry)


National Eligibility Test, NET (CSIR fellowship award for JRF)


National Eligibility Test, NET (CSIR fellowship award for JRF, 2nd time)


Best Poster Award in annual meeting of S N Bose National Centre, Kolkata


SERC Fellowship, for international travel, DST, New Delhi, India

Scholarly Activity

Journal Publications (accepted or published)

1. Fabio Novelli*, Biswajit Guchhait*, Martina Havenith Towards Intense THz Spectroscopy on Water: Characterization of Optical Rectification by GaP, OH1, and DSTMS at OPA Wavelengths. Materials, 2020, 13, 1311 (*co-first authors).

2. Biswajit Guchhait*, Clara A. Tibbetts, Kathryn M. Tracy, Bradley M. Luther, Amber T. Krummel* Ultrafast vibrational dynamics of a trigonal planar anionic probe in ionic liquids (ILs): A Two-dimensional infrared (2DIR) spectroscopic investigation. Journal of Chemical Physics, 2020, 152, 164501. (*for correspondence)

3. Yingliang Liu*, Biswajit Guchhait*, Torsten Siebert, Benjamin Fingerhut, Thomas Elsaesser Molecular Coupling and Energy Exchange Between DNA and Water Mapped by Femtosecond Infrared Spectroscopy of Backbone Vibrations. Structural Dynamics, 2017, 4, 044015 (*co-first authors).

4. Torsten Siebert*, Biswajit Guchhait*, Yingliang Liu, Benjamin Fingerhut, Thomas Elsaesser Range, Magnitude, and Ultrafast Dynamics of Electric Fields at the Hydrated DNA Surface. Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 2016, 7, 3131 (*co-first authors). Spotlight article. In Phys.org, ScienceDaily Aug. 4, 2016.

5. Biswajit Guchhait, Yingliang Liu, Torsten Siebert Thomas Elsaesser Ultrafast Vibrational Dynamics of the DNA Backbone at Different Hydration Levels Mapped by Two-Dimensional Infrared Spectroscopy. Structural Dynamics, 2016, 3, 043202. Most read and highly cited article. In AIP News, Phys.org, ScienceDaily Dec 14, 2015.

6. Torsten Siebert, Biswajit Guchhait, Yingliang Liu, Rene Costard, Thomas Elsaesser Anharmonic Backbone Vibrations in Ultrafast Processes at the DNA–Water Interface. Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2015, 119, 9670.

7. Biswajit Guchhait, Suman Das, Snehasis Daschakraborty, Ranjit Biswas Interaction and Dynamics of (Alkylamide+ Electrolyte) Deep Eutectics: Dependence on Alkyl Chain-Length, Temperature, and Anion Identity. Journal of Chemical Physics, 2014, 140, 104514.

8. Biswajit Guchhait, Ranjit Biswas Ionic Arrest of Segmental Motion and Emergence of Spatio-Temporal Heterogeneity: A Fluorescence Investigation of (Polyethylene Glycol + Electrolyte) Composites. Journal of Chemical Physics, 2013, 138, 114909.

9. Biswajit Guchhait, Ranjit Biswas, Pradip K. Ghorai Solute and Solvent Dynamics in Confined Equal-Sized Aqueous Environments of Charged and Neutral Reverse Micelles: A Combined Dynamic Fluorescence and All-Atom Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study. Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2013, 117, 3345.

10. Biswajit Guchhait, Snehasis Daschakraborty, Ranjit Biswas Medium Decoupling of Dynamics at Temperatures ~100 K Above Glass- Transition Temperature: A Case Study with (Acetamide+ Lithium Bromide/ Nitrate Melts. Journal of Chemical Physics, 2012, 136, 174503.

11. Harun Al Rasid Gazi, Biswajit Guchhait, Snehasis Daschakraborty and Ranjit Biswas “Fluorescence Dynamics in Supercooled (Acetamide + Calcium Nitrate) Molten Mixtures,” Chemical Physics Letters, 2011, 501, 358.

12. Biswajit Guchhait, Harun Al Rasid Gazi, Hemant Kashyap, Ranjit Biswas Fluorescence Spectroscopic Studies of (Acetamide + Sodium/ Potassium Thiocyantes) Molten Mixtures: Composition and Temperature Dependence. Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2010, 114, 5066.

13. Tuhin Pradhan, Harun Al Rasid Gazi, Biswajit Guchhait and Ranjit Biswas Excited State Intramolecular Charge Transfer Reaction in Non-Aqueous Reverse Micelles: Effects of Solvent Confinement and Electrolyte Concentration. Journal of Chemical Sciences, 2012, 124, 355.

14. Namrata Sarma, Jayanta M Borah, Sekh Mahiuddin, Harun Al Rasid Gazi, Biswajit Guchhait and Ranjit Biswas Influence of Chain Length of Alcohols on Stokes’ Shift Dynamics in Catanionic Vesicles. Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2011, 115, 9040.

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17. Biswajit Guchhait, Tuhin Pradhan and Ranjit Biswas Effects of Acid Concentration on Intramolecular Charge Transfer Reaction of 4-(Azetidinyl) Benzonitrile in Solution. Journal of Chemical Sciences, 2014, 126, 55.

18. Biswajit Guchhait, Yingliang Liu, Torsten Siebert, and Thomas Elsaesser Hydration of Native DNA: Ultrafast Structural Dynamics and Short-Range Electric Fields. Proceedings International Conference on Ultrafast Phenomena 2016 UM4A. 5.

19. Kathryn M. Tracy*, Biswajit Guchhait*, Clara A. Tibbetts, Bradley M. Luther and Amber T. Krummel Visualizing chemical dynamics in an ionic liquid microdroplet using ultrafast 2D IR microscopy. ChemRxiv 2019 DOI: https://doi.org/10.26434/chemrxiv.9936464.v1 (*co-first authors).