SOUVIK GUHA | Department of Chemistry


Ph.D. Research Scholar
Department of Chemistry
School of Natural Sciences (SNS)
Shiv Nadar University
Teaching & Research Interests: 

Organic Synthesis/Medicinal chemistry


GATE-2018, GATE-2019, UGC-NET-LS-2019

  1. Guha, S§., Gadde, S§., Kumar, N., Black, D.S. and Sen, S*., “Orthogonal syntheses of γ-carbolinone and spiro [pyrrolidinone-3, 3′] indole derivatives in one pot through reaction telescoping." The Journal of Organic Chemistry 2021, 86, 5234-5244. (§ Equal contribution)
  2. Sar, S§., Guha, S§., Prabakar, T§., Maiti, D. and Sen, S*., “Blue Light-Emitting Diode-Mediated In Situ Generation of Pyridinium and Isoquinolinium Ylides from Aryl Diazoesters: Their Application in the Synthesis of Diverse Dihydroindolizine.” The Journal of organic chemistry 2021, 86, 11736-11747. (§ Equal contribution)
  3. Guha, S., Yussif El‐Deeb, I., Yadav, S., Das, R., Dutta Dubey, K., Baruah, M., Ludovic, G*. and Sen, S*., Capturing a Pentacyclic Fragment‐Based Library Derived from Perophoramidine: Their Design, Synthesis and Evaluation as Anticancer Compounds by DNA Double‐Strand Breaks (DSB) and PARP‐1 Inhibition. Chemistry–A European Journal 2022, p.e202202405.
  4. Sar, S§., Das, R§., Barman, D§., Latua, P., Guha, S., Gremaud, L. and Sen, S*., “A sustainable C–H functionalization of indoles, pyrroles and furans under a blue LED with iodonium ylides.” Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 2021, 19, 7627-7632. (§ Equal contribution)
  5. Guha, S., Prabakar, T and Sen, S*., “Blue LED induced Direct C-H functionalization of 1, 4-quinones with aryl and alkyl boronic acids".” The Journal of organic chemistry 2022, Just Accepted.


Scholarly Activity