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Chemical and Biological Crystallography

  • Chemical and Biological Crystallography Laboratory

Chemical and Biological Crystallography Laboratory focuses on the following research areas:

  1. Synthesis and physico-chemical characterizations of organic molecules and their detailed structural investigations for the discovery of novel multifunctional materials: NLO, ferroelectric, semiconductor, optoelectronic etc.
  2. Visible light induced catalyst/sensitizer-free photodimerization of olefins
  3. Structure property relationship and polymorphic investigation of organic optical materials in “push-pull” chromophores
  4. Quantitative studies of hydrogen bonding and electrostatic interaction energies via protein charge density analysis
  5. Charge density analysis for drug design
  6. Protein and quantum crystallography

Group Members:

Dr. Parthapratim Munshi (PI)

Dr. Kunal Kumar Jha (Technical Officer, SCXRD)

Mr. Suman Kumar Mondal (PhD scholar)

Mr. Saibal Sar (PhD scholar)

Mr. Sanjay Dutta (PhD scholar)

Mr. Vikas (Short-term project student)

Ms. Srirupa Sen (B.Sc. Chemistry)

Mr. Anindya Menon (B.Sc. Chemistry)



Dr. Parthapratim Munshi, FRSC