Precision Premier II Ferroelectric loop –tester | Department of Chemistry

Precision Premier II Ferroelectric loop –tester

The Precision Premier II Ferroelectric loop –tester is capable of executing a single pass hysteresis loop in 100μs with no interlacing of the data acquisition. The Premier II uses a 40MHz clock through a down counter resulting in an effective maximum clock rate of 10MHz. The capture rate for the 18bit ADCs in the system is 2MHz. The maximum hysteresis frequency of the Premier II is 250 kHz. The driver for the Premier II interlaces multiple loops to generate an effective capture rate of 10MHz on hysteresis and a total loop period of 10μs. The Premier II will execute a PUND pulse measurement with pulse widths ranging from 0.5μs up to 1s on capacitors with areas ranging from 0.5u2 up to multiple square centimetres. Along with the main setup, it is attached to high voltage power amplifier (Trek Model 609B-3 is DC stable with an output voltage range from 0 to ±10 kV) via Precision 10KV High Voltage Interface and High Voltage Amplifier.

The Premier II Ferroelectric Test System is driven and data analysis is done by Vision Software.


R-130, First Floor, Research Block

Dr. Parthapratim Munshi, FRSC