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Exposure of heteroatom doped carbon nanomaterials (HCNMs) on plants

Recently, CNMs (e.g. graphene [G], graphene oxide [GO], reduced graphene oxide [RGO], carbon nanotube [CN] etc.) exposure on plants in vitro or in culture conditions were reported which reveals mixed effect like enhanced crop yield to acute cytotoxicity and genetic alteration. Still now there are very limited studies are evaluating the chronic phytotoxicity of carbonaceous material under environment friendly condition. As per our knowledge, there is no literature which reports heteroatom doped graphen (HDG) or HCNM’s exposure on plants. Further research is required to explore the HCNM and plant interaction to minimize the gap area. A thorough understanding of the mechanistic interactions of HCNM’s with plants and associated microbial communities is necessary to evaluate the risk associated with widespread use in agriculture.

OUR project under the supervision of Dr. Basab Bijayi Dhar


Associate Professor


Manushka Sondhi
B.Sc Biotechnology