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Mechanoresponsive materials

Materials that become stronger upon applying force/stress have a great interest in material science and innovation. Although this phenomenon has been very common in nature and plays a crucial role in a variety of biological processes, unfortunately, those are very difficult to be realized artificially. The adaptive mechanical response of many soft materials is mediated by mechanoactive building blocks. A prime example is the so-called “catch bond”. Unlike normal (slip) bonds, these bonds strengthen their grip with increasing tension. In our continuous effort towards material innovation, we would like to create a simple synthetic 'catch bond' that predictably exhibits reversible strengthened bonding with increasing load. Subsequently, the 'catch bond' can be introduced in a polymer network to study the effect on mechanical properties such as strain-stiffening and resistance to damage. The supramolecular chemistry approach will be considered to achieve such materials, which have a folded and an unfolded state and can be reversible.


Assistant Professor


Dhanyashree Das
Ph.D. Scholar