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About the Department

The department is committed to pursuing research on fundamental and applied problems by addressing scientific but significant inquiry by individual faculty and student investigators, and stimulating the development of innovative interdisciplinary research programs around key center of excellence.

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The immediate mission of Chemistry Department is to

  • Come up with robust and novel solutions that will culminate into high quality publications in peer reviewed international journals
  • Utilize the solutions towards application research by promoting innovative, interdisciplinary and patent worthy... read more

Recent News & Activities

27 Mar 2018
Prof. N. Sukumar and Dr. Parthapratim Munshi deliver invited lectures at the Sagamore XIX – 2018 Conference on Quantum... read more
26 Mar 2019
Dr. Munshi will speak on Structure-Property Relationship in an Organic Semiconductor: Insights from Interaction Energies, Electron... read more
Student Spotlight
World-class research facilities at Shiv Nadar University