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Single-Crystal X-ray Diffraction

  • SC-XRD

  • Dr. Munshi with Single Crystal X-Ray Diffractometer

  • Dr. Munshi with Single Crystal X-Ray Diffractometer

Located in the XRD Laboratory, the Bruker Single-Crystal X-ray Diffraction machine is essential to figure out the crystalline structure of a material. In present set up both thin film and powder samples can be characterized. Further, customized sample cell is available for liquid samples to be analyzed as a function of temperature. This machine is also suitable for mapping reciprocal space, reflectometry and grazing incidence diffraction.

Single-crystal X-ray diffraction facility hosted at Shiv Nadar University is managed by the Chemistry Department, School of Natural Sciences. This state-of-the-art facility comprising Bruker D8 Venture diffractometer system is equipped with dual micro focus sources (Mo and Cu), Photon 100 CMOS detector and Oxford cryosystem covering temperature range from 90K to 800 K. Facility is also having a polarized microscope for crystal selection and appropriate accessories (e.g. capillaries, cryo-loop etc.) for mounting crystals. Facility is also equipped with low temperature storage for unstable samples. All the necessary crystallographic software for data collection, processing and structure determination are available with the facility.


R-101B First Floor Research Block

Parthapratim Munshi, PhD, FRSC